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Ana Diaz and Jacqueline Capriles Diaz Electric of New York, Inc. Diaz Electric of New York, Inc. is an M/WBE-certified electrical contracting firm based in  Brooklyn that received two contract-based in 2015. The loans, totaling $117,000, enabled mobilization for two new contracts that positioned the business for further growth in government…(Read More)

Joyful Moments Day Care

Eboni & Kim Cook: Joyful Moments Day Care, Highland, NY Child Care You Can Trust  Even those of you in your prime—fulfilling job, cute kids, being carded at the grocery store—discover that finding the perfect child care can be elusive. When you’re at work, all you can think about is what the…(Read More)

Empire Medical Transportation:  Mike Hoffman Pleasant Valley, NY, Dutchess County  Community Capital New York helped Empire Medical Rev Up to 41 Cars and 85 Employees For real, unedited tales in the fact beats fiction genre of storytelling, just ask an Empire Medical Transportation driver about the average shift. Among other insights, they like their work…(Read More)

Giraldo Farms

Giraldo Farms: Andrea Giraldo Pearl River, NY and in every supermarket!! The instantness of Giraldo Farms instant coffee melds perfectly with our fast paced and time-strapped culture. Introduced at the 1901 World’s Fair in Buffalo, helped on in WWII and, by the Seventies, relegated to the pantries of grandmothers everywhere in a Maxwell…(Read More)

Mel’s Army Navy Store

Mel’s Army Navy Store: Chris Frawley Pearl River, NY Turns out Chris Frawley and his octogenarian mentor Mel were cut from the same cloth. Chris, who worked at Mel’s Army Navy Store in Pearl River from age 14, through high school, college and those post graduation ‘now what?’ years, returned 10 years later…(Read More)

Poughkeepsie Revitalization

Community Capital Celebrates Revitalization, Opportunity in Poughkeepsie $100,000 Loan Backs Rehab of Abandoned Home by YouthBuild Students Community Capital New York, Inc., the non-profit community lender serving the lower Hudson Valley, celebrated the transformation of a blighted property into a newly renovated, energy efficient house at 206 Winnikee Avenue on Monday along with…(Read More)

Spick and Span

Spick and Span Palisades Cleaning Service: Mercedes Nunez Tomkins Cove, Rockland County, NY Mercedes Nunez came here as an 18-year old who spoke no English, forced to leave her infant son behind in the Dominican Republic and clean factory floors at night to provide for him. Now 39, Mercedes is an entrepreneur, finding secure…(Read More)

Rise Above Floatation

Take a Time-Out at Rise Above Floatation Stay centered in a sensory-deprivation pod: Micah Saccomanno, Mt Kisco, NY An athlete in need of sports visualization of accelerated recovery? Your boss has your cell phone on speed dial? Suffering from insomnia, back ache or writer’s block? Your teen crashed the car—he’s…(Read More)


Sewcology, Warwick, NY: Cindy Hopper For some people, do-it-yourself-styling necessitates a needle, thread, and time. For the rest of us, all that’s required is a credit card and shipping address. Sewcology, the creative endeavor of lifelong seamstress Cindy Hopper, makes you believe that you can “just do it.” Hopper teaches you…(Read More)

The Falcon

The Falcon: Tony Falco, Marlboro, NY Plug in to Live Performances  Garage band and CBGBs meets Adirondack lodge at The Falcon, a music and art-themed watering hole in Marlboro, NY where the acoustic confessionals of karaoke and synthetic DJ spinning have been given up in favor of revved up live  bands. Blends of jazz…(Read More)