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Flowers and Flores

Jose Andrade & Family From Colombia to Queens, New York! Jose owned and operated a dairy factory, while his wife Elizabeth worked in commercial banking for over ten years in Colombia. Due to political instability, the couple and their two sons were forced to leave their homeland. Jose now the owner of a family operated…(Read More)

Project partners gathered to celebrate the completion of a new,3-bedroom single family affordable homeownership opportunity and the creation of a single rental apartment in the Village of Hastings-On-Hudson.This is the most recent example of a nearly 30-year commitment on the part of Hastings to advocate for and help create…(Read More)

Wild Lea Farm

Alexa Berko and Justin Seelaus have always had a passion for agriculture, animal welfare, ecological consciousness and land re-generation. “I grew up in central New Jersey farm country and met Justin while studying conservation and wildlife management. We spent the first part of our careers working for vegetable and dairy farmers” Lexi remarked. So…(Read More)

Rewire Energy

“The Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region, Inc. believes in us and provided the $50,000 capital that will help us get to the next level of growth.”Lee, Alan, Warren and Milton Evans Sr. The ReWire story is a family love story of sorts. It begins in September of 2012 when the beloved…(Read More)

Antoine Jackson, a family man with many successful years in management in a number of industries, had always valued the importance of owning one’s own business. He needed an opportunity that would work with his already busy schedule. Antoine was working full time, attending school full time, and a husband and father, so he…(Read More)