Flowers and Flores

Jose Andrade & Family
From Colombia to Queens, New York!

Jose owned and operated a dairy factory, while his wife Elizabeth worked in commercial banking for over ten years in Colombia. Due to political instability, the couple and their two sons were forced to leave their homeland. Jose now the owner of a family operated wholesale flower shop, was referred to BCNA because he did not have enough credit history to obtain a traditional bank loan. BCNA provided a loan to not only help purchase inventory and a second vehicle, but also build credit. Jose continues to focus on increasing revenue, while Elizabeth manages bookkeeping as their sons manage sales and deliveries. The company has hired three employees and continues to blossom!

BCNA offers loans which range from $500 to $250,000 to help startups and small businesses expand. To help entrepreneurs achieve success, BCNA also provides complementary consultation and workshops to help ensure clients have the tools needed to prosper. BCNA’s credit enhancement loans help clients with no- or low credit scores establish and improve credit. Lack of good credit history may result from incorrect information sent to credit bureaus due to language barriers, incorrect translation of names or other people with similar names living at the same address. Our free consultation and workshops help educate clients about credit reports, improve credit, and correct report errors.

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