Food Cave

S2014-08-26-13-07-53hah Yafi was a General Manager at a 7-11 only one block away from his future business, LIC Deli Gourmet/Food Cave, in Long Island City. Working in the neighborhood for three years, Mr. Yafi noticed that the majority of office workers and residents of the neighborhood purchased meals at 7-11. Despite 7-11’s failure to provide variety, freshness, or quality, the 7-11 store he managed served nearly 1,800 customers per day. He noticed increased construction and foot traffic in the area and saw an opportunity not only to provide fresh, high-quality, affordable food to his community, but also to become a small business owner and achieve the American dream. Though many traditional financial institutions may not be willing to provide a loan to a first-time small business owner in the notoriously risky food service industry, BCNA saw potential in Mr. Yafi who demonstrated immense knowledge of his market and proved that his business could generate significant revenue and job development opportunities in the area. Through BCNA’s $25,000 loan, Mr. Yafi was able to get his deli up and running and create three full time jobs. Three years later, he now employs eight individuals in New York’s 12th Congressional District and runs a highly successful enterprise. BCNA remains in touch with Mr. Yafi and aims to provide him additional financing and ongoing technical assistance services to help his business grow.