Inclusion Panel presenting at 2016 Annual Conference.


The ultimate goal of the coalition is to efficiently and effectively serve all people in New York State who require capital to achieve their financial goals and needs and communities that need to develop comprehensively to become good places to live and work. The Coalition will:

  • Provide a consistent voice as the advocate for CDFIs and their missions in NYS State
  • Develop strategies that serve the Coalition’s mission
  • Be accountable to the Coalition’s membership to achieve goals and serve the mission and vision
  • Connect NYS CDFI goals to the collaborative vision via regional subcommittees and innovative technologies for efficiencies and scale in lending.

The Coalition has already created an informal collaborative framework to advance community development finance throughout the state.  The Coalition is the largest and most active such coalition of CDFIs in the nation, a recognized partner of state agencies with longstanding support from the state legislature and successive governors.  The Coalition currently represents the interests of the state’s 70+ CDFIs.  The Coalition monitors and participates in national policy and priorities affecting CDFIs.