Rewire Energy

“The Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region, Inc. believes in us and provided the $50,000 capital that will help us get to the next level of growth.”

Lee, Alan, Warren and Milton Evans Sr.

The ReWire story is a family love story of sorts. It begins in September of 2012 when the beloved matriarch of the Evans family passed away. The family of seven vowed to support each other and stay in touch, just as “mom-mom” would have wanted them to.

They began holding weekly calls on Monday nights as part of our effort to stay connected as they all lived in various parts of the country. It was on one of these calls that someone suggested that they start a family business. Somehow, the brothers and their father had managed through their professional careers to obtain unique strengths and talents that naturally lent themselves to running a business.

Their areas of expertise included sales, finance, information systems, marketing, engineering, health and wellness and executive management. Their goals was to build a business that included, amongst other things; a way to build wealth, establish a legacy, be sustainable and scalable and honor their father’s wife and mom by giving back to others.

They finally decided on energy advisory services after their brother Warren, a nuclear engineer and graduate of RPI went solar. He articulated a vision of the Solar Electric future and described how they could be a part of that revolution. After a year of discussion, they developed an innovative business model which developed customized plans tailored to fit the needs of each prospective customers’ unique energy situation.

The ReWire Group was born and in the past two years have helped several homeowners, small businesses and a church, realize they can have choice and control over their energy situation.

The ReWire Group members plan to have fun with this business and are currently busy building a referral network of family and friends. They are committed to educate their clients about the benefits of solar energy and as the business grows and becomes more profitable, they plan to give back through education scholarships in the name of our beloved mother, Corella Brown Evans.